Monday, December 27, 2010

my feeling on monday

27Dec2010, 9pm
Hate ah…
Y in my life will have such failure appear in front of me??
I’m so suck when facing the fellow
I just wish to have a peaceful life in my life
Simply and easy life
I don’t wish to have a complicated life
If the matter is related with my own stuff or family
I got nothing to said
That is my obligation and responsible to accept it
But this time really none of my business
Why it become a part of my life
When the war life will end??
I quite pity to the creator of the war
But at the same times I hate the creator as well
Creator bring me to a war life
Silent, simply, peaceful…. That is the thing I wanted         
Really hope everything can settle down earlier
And I can get back my peaceful life

Oh no, another Starbucks coffee again
This time I try signature hot chocolate
Oh my god
It become warm chocolate
And yet I still try to finish it
But it makes me feel nausea
Five more stamps to go to meet my 2011 planner
Oh my god
This month and few weeks was a bankrupt month and weeks to me
Spending a lot to meet the 2011 planner
The most stupid and insane stuff I have done in my life
Hope in future won’t have such expensive collection happened in my life

Feel so happy and excited
Tomorrow I can meet the handsome
Quite a couple of period didn’t meet him
He not comes often to the store
Mostly at the middle of the month he will come once
When I saw him
My heart and feel will very happy and excited
This kind of feeling already didn’t exist after the last relationship
But I still not dare to step forward and speak to him
Even a “hi”
I’m the one who wish to know him
But scare to have my first try
When can I have the chance to have my first try to talk to him?
Tomorrow might have a chance to lunch together
Er mm
I think tomorrow I will be so decorous and well behaved
I’m waiting tomorrow
Waiting and waiting
Exciting and exciting

hahaha, i got three different feeling in one day 
first was angry
second was happy buy not feel very well
thrid was over excited 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

my darkness day of Christmas

26 Dec 2010, 1.48am

Today was a darkness day to me
My frame less spectacle has broken
That was my first frame less spectacle
More or less I love it so much
But today is it last day of servicing my eyes
Just rest in peace to my spectacle

Today after working hour
Me and my friends when to having a steamboat dinner
Then we depart to the Tropicana City Mall shopping complex
Before my friend's movie showing time begin
Me and she walked into the Nichii boutique and have a look
As usual when I saw this boutique
My leg will automatically walked in and have a look
And sometimes may bought some cloth over there

Just now when I’m changing back my cloth in the fitting room
I had done a mistake
I’m so lazy to take off my spectacle
Because of this attitude
Cause I broke my spectacle
It breaks into two pieces
And the bad news is I may not know whether it can be repair or not
What a bad luck and darkness day to me

On the other hand
My friend spend me a cup of my Starbucks favourite drink
That is chocolate cream chip without cream
At first I wish to pay back to him but he said treat it as a Christmas gift to me
So I just said a “thanks” to him

Besides that I can also claim and earn two extra stamps from my drink
The collection of twelve stamps can be exchange a book of 2011 planner diary book
This is my first time doing such crazy collection stuff to get something special and free
Right now I still owing about six more stamps to reach my target
I would like to take the opportunity to thanks to my friend’s help for the stamp

This is my current Starbucks cup that I have in my collection
I just don’t wish to throw it away after drink
I think in future my room will be full of the empty cup
but i have throw some of it

However I still miss my frame less spectacle
I will try my best to take care of my future new spectacle
Rest in peace, spectacle
You have done a great job in servicing my eyes

Friday, December 24, 2010

merry Christmas

25 Dec 2010, 12.09am

ho ho ho merry Christmas to everyone
Santa clause is coming to town...
is there really have a Santa clause or just a myth???
er mm I'm wondering whether is it a Santa over there
if yes, i wish i can get a gift from U

this year was a lonely Christmas year
because i cant celebrate with my friend as well
as usual i didn't celebrate with my friend at all due to exam reason
why my exam always falls near by December and January

however, i was back from outside and i saw a lot of nice Christmas decoration along the shopping mall and restaurant (certain )
wow, merry Christmas was so sweet to me
i love Christmas compare to Chinese new year
although there are two different types of festival

to me new year was so boring when I'm getting older
can't too direct follow parent ask for red packet
if friend didn't ask or come to find me, i think I'll just sit at home

last year was a super boring year to me
no one invited me except my old nice friends... thanks buddy
luckily got them accompany me gone through the new year
at the same times last Christmas eve was a dark memory to me
i won't forget what is happening over there
as the whole day i was planned and hope can have a celebration
end up i just get a big disappointed Christmas eve and a super lonely Christmas eve at home

i never try before in any count down event
last year Christmas eve was the 1st time i got such feeling and hope can have a chance to have a try
who knows end just a big disappointed day to me
and i alone sitting at home counting the eve moment arrive

all old story has past don't wish to care about it or even think about it ...look forward
this year due to exam is around the corner i cant have the chance to celebrate it
hope next year won't have any obstacle blocking my way

anyway wishing all my friend and family have a wonderful Christmas
and don't forget my lovely friend who currently in united kingdom wish her have a wonderful n snowy Christmas ( don't know what season over there )

and my lovely open sister, merry Christmas to you muackss

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Starbucks week

24 Dec 2010, 12.23am

Wow! Just finished enjoy my Starbucks drink
Chocolate cream chip but without cream is my favourite
That’s the only drink I’ll consume in the cafe
However there also another drink for me that is Americano coffee
It useful for me when I feel so sleepy

Recently I’m addicted with the Starbucks chocolate cream chip.
But I must learn to control my thirst and care about my wallet
A very nice and comfortable environment for everyone to relax
I do having my revision over there when I’m waiting my time to pass
But recently I’m not going
The expenses over there already exceed my limit
And I must learn to control myself

Chocolate cream chip is a drug to me
It become a part of my life
Oops I feel like I’m promoting the cafe as well as the product selling over there

In one week, twice chocolate cream chip
Enjoy and tasting the drink … so yummy
On Tuesday, suddenly my mood is there and I asked my friend and go for a drink
We enjoy drinking in the car
But her drink makes her feel sleepy
I quite curious about that how the cappuccinos can make her feel sleepy
And yet most of the people told me that cappuccino is not consider as coffee
But to me, I’m enjoy with my favourite beverage

Today I’m drinking the same chocolate cream chip without cream again
Four of us, four different taste of drink we consume
Chocolate cream chip without cream, mocha blended with cream, Americano coffee, hazel hot chocolate.

That’s our drink of the day
The lucky drink that we have pick
One of my friends not feels well and yet I still purchase the Americano coffee to him
Really not caring enough to my friend
Two guys two gals
Two cold drinks two hot drinks
End up happy ending with our drink as well as shopping
Happy with my today outing with my friend and my favourite chocolate cream chip without cream
Hope to have another coffee outing soon

merry Christmas eve to my friend and my drink as well

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i'm a new soul

22 Dec 2010, 2.23am

I'm new to the blogger
everything seem like very strange to me
everything start from the beginning

It seem like a new life new blog and the new Me
everything just look forward instead of backward

In a lonely and silent midnight
i feel like I'm staying in a new place new life
takes time to learn everything from the beginning

i believe i can made it

cheer to myself