Friday, December 24, 2010

merry Christmas

25 Dec 2010, 12.09am

ho ho ho merry Christmas to everyone
Santa clause is coming to town...
is there really have a Santa clause or just a myth???
er mm I'm wondering whether is it a Santa over there
if yes, i wish i can get a gift from U

this year was a lonely Christmas year
because i cant celebrate with my friend as well
as usual i didn't celebrate with my friend at all due to exam reason
why my exam always falls near by December and January

however, i was back from outside and i saw a lot of nice Christmas decoration along the shopping mall and restaurant (certain )
wow, merry Christmas was so sweet to me
i love Christmas compare to Chinese new year
although there are two different types of festival

to me new year was so boring when I'm getting older
can't too direct follow parent ask for red packet
if friend didn't ask or come to find me, i think I'll just sit at home

last year was a super boring year to me
no one invited me except my old nice friends... thanks buddy
luckily got them accompany me gone through the new year
at the same times last Christmas eve was a dark memory to me
i won't forget what is happening over there
as the whole day i was planned and hope can have a celebration
end up i just get a big disappointed Christmas eve and a super lonely Christmas eve at home

i never try before in any count down event
last year Christmas eve was the 1st time i got such feeling and hope can have a chance to have a try
who knows end just a big disappointed day to me
and i alone sitting at home counting the eve moment arrive

all old story has past don't wish to care about it or even think about it ...look forward
this year due to exam is around the corner i cant have the chance to celebrate it
hope next year won't have any obstacle blocking my way

anyway wishing all my friend and family have a wonderful Christmas
and don't forget my lovely friend who currently in united kingdom wish her have a wonderful n snowy Christmas ( don't know what season over there )

and my lovely open sister, merry Christmas to you muackss


  1. then last year must be a very sad memory to you...cheers....should leave it..dont bring foward..always believe that future is bright...i believe that next year you will have your great countdown celebration and also not leaving behind add oil for your exam..santa clause will bring a good results for you..hehehe

  2. by the way im buddhist, santa clause wont entertain other religion