Monday, December 27, 2010

my feeling on monday

27Dec2010, 9pm
Hate ah…
Y in my life will have such failure appear in front of me??
I’m so suck when facing the fellow
I just wish to have a peaceful life in my life
Simply and easy life
I don’t wish to have a complicated life
If the matter is related with my own stuff or family
I got nothing to said
That is my obligation and responsible to accept it
But this time really none of my business
Why it become a part of my life
When the war life will end??
I quite pity to the creator of the war
But at the same times I hate the creator as well
Creator bring me to a war life
Silent, simply, peaceful…. That is the thing I wanted         
Really hope everything can settle down earlier
And I can get back my peaceful life

Oh no, another Starbucks coffee again
This time I try signature hot chocolate
Oh my god
It become warm chocolate
And yet I still try to finish it
But it makes me feel nausea
Five more stamps to go to meet my 2011 planner
Oh my god
This month and few weeks was a bankrupt month and weeks to me
Spending a lot to meet the 2011 planner
The most stupid and insane stuff I have done in my life
Hope in future won’t have such expensive collection happened in my life

Feel so happy and excited
Tomorrow I can meet the handsome
Quite a couple of period didn’t meet him
He not comes often to the store
Mostly at the middle of the month he will come once
When I saw him
My heart and feel will very happy and excited
This kind of feeling already didn’t exist after the last relationship
But I still not dare to step forward and speak to him
Even a “hi”
I’m the one who wish to know him
But scare to have my first try
When can I have the chance to have my first try to talk to him?
Tomorrow might have a chance to lunch together
Er mm
I think tomorrow I will be so decorous and well behaved
I’m waiting tomorrow
Waiting and waiting
Exciting and exciting

hahaha, i got three different feeling in one day 
first was angry
second was happy buy not feel very well
thrid was over excited 

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