Tuesday, January 25, 2011

diary of January

26 Jan 2011, 0235am

Two more weeks to go
Chinese New Year will be coming to town
During Chinese New Year everyone will go back to hometown and celebrate with their family
To me, I don’t have any out station hometown
KL is my hometown

When I was young and kid I love Chinese New Year
But once I grown up I feel bored with it
If whole day didn’t get any single invitation for outing
Beside can get red packet from relatives
It also quite a good day or period where I can have a rest at home as well
Watching television program, eating New Year biscuit made by mummy, online then sleeps

A new year is coming soon
Then what is my fate and luck for this year
Good or bad
Should I rely on it? But I’ll just read and go
My wish for every year is the same
Wish my family member stay healthy and happy always
As well as people around me also must stay happy

One more thing I can’t forget that’s is ask god take care with my studies as well
I know I’m a little greedy naughty rabbit who ask for so many wish
Cause god has to do extra work
As long as family and friends are happy and healthy then I’m happy with it as well
>>> Happy New Year to myself and my family and friends as well <<<

While typing this blog
I’m listening two songs
The song makes me a bit emotional
I feel upset but at the same times I’m okay
My mind is empty
Nothing to worry or thinking
But what makes me feel upset? Curious with it
After when to sleep and next morning I’ll be fine
Just the song influence my mind and emotional

Peoples always said “friendship forever”
Do these words really work?
What ingredient that we must put inside in order to get a friendship forever?
Caring, tolerance, respect, sharing, enjoying....anything more?
Sometimes really hard to read people’s mind
Too many obstacles for me to read their mind

Different people different thinking
Some can hide away their problem well and not sharing to others
Some are finding another party to release the unhappy feeling or mood
Some are choosing to eat a lot to cool down their anger or feeling
Really different people different mind and different perspective
Even myself also not really good in handling friendship problem

I don’t love to share to others
When face problem I only hideaway myself and release my feeling to my hand writing diary or my lock myself in the room or empty place for few minutes to cool down myself
sometimes my acting cause others worry about me
I feel sorry to them who are worry about me
But at that moment I just wish to have a silent place n relax my mind

No matter how or what types of the friendship we have either normal friend, best buddy or close friend
The most basic lesson we must learnt is to respect others

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  1. Nowdays more ppl preffering to go for vacation and trip during chinese new year instead of going back to hometown la.you feel bored because most of the thing like playing fire cracker and collecting ang pow you alr left it because you have grown up.not bad can having rest at home what?having some rest and enjoying the cny biscuits come some cny television movie..haha..

    act for fade is better we try to believe if it is good for additional for our confidence and of coz for the bad trying to avoid it because it will makes us to think negatively...maybe you will think this way is act running away from reality or cheating ourself(avoid facing the truth)..but this is call human..we need to practise that to make our life more happier and live in positive way...ur wish will comes true if you think it can...so be confidence...god will pray and bless you as well..

    act everyone have more than one wishes in their life so is not greedy to ask god to help you more...but of coz for study more or less you have to be confidence and working more hard to archieve it rather waiting god to help you..not forgotten to wishing you and ur family have a happy and memorable new year too...

    song does effect us in the life..it could brings a lot of happiness but sad also didnt left at behind..it really helps to recover a lots of memory...but of coz try not to too over hang or depend on it...

    act no matter what relation,we really need the cooperation from the both side to makes it forever..no matter what ingredient you included inside,if another party didnt appreciate is nothing used and it also be wasted..it depends whether is it worth for you to work it out for another party...if that person is worth for you,so your ingredient wont be wasted although she/he didnt appreciate it..so sometimes try not to suffer yourself to read their mind..

    no matter what method you use,as long it can help you to release the stress without hurting yourself then it is done...there is no conclusion...of coz is better could share to other because this will help to reduce the worry of the ppl around you.so i think you should be very success and wont regret for all of your relation coz you did alr know to respect for you...once again wishing you a very happy chinese new year and good luck to all of your decision...:)